Eagleland is a country and principal setting of Mother 4. It mentions it's the largest country. Eagleland is home to four towns: Onett, Twoson, Threed, and city of Fourside.


Eagleland is a stem that boarders two unknown regions. The country contains an island archipelago. Mostly it a forest in the west while in the eastern peninsula is the Dusty Dunes Desert. Fourside is located on an island that shares with Chroma Co.


Eagleland holds the strongest military. The military is divided in three groups: Eagleland Army, Eagleland Air Force, and Eagleland Navy. It's another reason why Eagleland is the largest country. Fourside is the main capital of Eagleland.


Eagleland has three transportations:


Trains are one tranports. The Bluestone Railroad is one and only railroad in the country. There threee stations in the country. Subways can be found only in Fourside. Fourside Subway is the largest subway system in the country.


Buses are common in the three towns (Twoson, Threed, and Fourside). Twoson Bus Station is biggest bus station in the country.


Taxi are very common in the country. It unknown where is the taxi station but sometime it in the series.

Points of InterestsEdit


  • Eagleland is the only country in the series.
  • Eagleland is the home country of Victor, Marciana, Ermani, & Ben: the main party
  • Eagleland is the largest country of these reasons:
*Most settlements
*Largest economy
*Lots of transportation
  • The first half of the series takes place in Eagleland