Onett is the small town in Eagleland. Onett is the first town in the counrty. Its one of the main settings in the series. Onett is the hometown of Victor & his family, MarcianaErmani & there family, Jayla & her family, and there friends.


Onett is divided into two parts: Rural Onett and Urban Onett. 

Rural OnettEdit

Rural Onett is the northern portion of Onett. 10 residents lived in the rural area. There mountains in the north of the area (Victor Jr, Deila, Victor Sr, Marciana, Ermani, Maisha, Harold, Jayla, Cecilia, and Louis)

Urban OnettEdit

Urban Onett is the central portions of the area. many people resides here. Onett Public Libary is also locted in Urban Onett. It consists many houses and stores. Going south down leads to Illusion Forest.

Points of IntersetsEdit


  1. First Town of Eagleland
  2. Onett, Eagleland

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